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Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine

Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine

    • Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine
    • Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine
    • Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine
  • Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine

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    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Certification: ISO,CE

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
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    Detailed Product Description
    Name: 300W YAG Laser Marking Machine Laser Power: 300W (400W And 500W Optional)
    Laser Wavelength: 1064nm Cooling Method: Water Cooling
    Rotary Device: Yes, Table Can Add The Rotary Device Round Welding: Yes
    Laser Type: YAG Laser Welding Materials: All Metals
    X And Y Table Stroke Range: 300*200mm (can Be Customized) Welding Method: Automatic X,Y,Z And Rotary Device
    Control Method: Software Control The X Y Z And Rotary Device Welding Fixture Support: Yes, We Can Design The Fixtures
    High Light:

    Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine


    1064nm Automatic Laser Welding Machine


    300W YAG Laser Marking Machine

    Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine



    Feature :
    1. Ceramic converging cavity of muiti-axislaser welding machineis imported from the Britain. It is corrosion resistant and high temperature resistant, and has 8-10 years service life. The life of xenon lamp is more than 8 million times.
    2. The laser head can be adjusted for 360°.
    3. The size of the light spots can be adjusted
    4. Both manual welding and automatic mass production are possible.

    Advantages :

    1) Fast speed, high depth and almost no deformation.

    2) In the room or special conditions for the welding and welding equipment. for example, a simple laser by the magnetic field. the beam will not be offset ; laser in a vacuum, air and some gas in the environment could apply soldering, and passed the glass or beam transparent material to welding;

    3) Can weld the difficult melt material, such as the titanium, quartz etc. Can weld the isomerism material with good quality.

    4) High power density after laser focus.When high power workpiece welding,depth ratio can be 5:1,tiptop can be up to 10:1

    5) Can be used for minisize weld. The laser beam is focused to a light, and make accurate positioning can be used in mass production, automated a small piece in. the group of welding;

    6) To be welded inaccessible areas, such a long distance welding, contact with flexibility.

    Machine included parts details

    This equipment consisted of laser sources (Gold plating chamber), laser power supply, cooling system, laser positioning system, focus system, two axis linkage systems, the industrial PC control system, CCD monitor system, etc.

    Main technical standard of the machine

    1) Laser power supply

    Laser power of the main circuit or circuit, triggered by the control circuit or circuit, the protection circuit, with a stream, and traffic protection device, the current, the width and frequency shall be transferred. the power has also made the wave functions can be based on need to set up the output waveforms, for a different brazing materials. the power of the current operation panel and the width and the frequency, the work of that function. its specific indicators as follows :

    Input power supply: three phase/50Hz/40A 380v±5%

    Power supply rating : 15KW

    Pulse working current 0-500A

    Power supply instability limit: ≤ ±5%

    2) Laser source:

    The laser sources adopts long lifetime porcelain cavity from the U.K (high performance, good heat stability, resist corrosive, high conversion of the photo electricity. Good beam mode, can achieve to continue working), dual Xe-lamp and single laser cavity.

    3) Cooling system

    Laser sources should be with pure water of distill water.

    Cooling system of the water temperature, owing to the police and the protective function.

    Circulation in the cool way :

    Temperature control scope: 20-25°C

    Temperature stability: ±10c

    Cooling water current: 20-35L/min

    Failure protection: The laser power with a chain to flow to protect and more warm protection

    Cooling power: 5P

    For the use of water protection: >3 month


    4) Laser positioning system:

    Uses a semi-conductor laser light as instructions for an optical system of norms and work in order to indicate position.


    5) Optical and focus system:

    Adopt single laser output, welding focus F=100mm (f=80/120/150mm optional)

    Facula size:0.2-1.5mm, Match the illume system and the same axis gas protection device.


    6) CCD monitors system:

    Adopt the same axis monitor system, (match 9.2” black and white LCD), 20 times as large multiple.


    Application industrial:For mobile communications industry, the arts and crafts and jewels, and electronic components, sensor appearance, precision machinery, hardware, spare parts for car, etc.


    Application material:The stainless steel, plain carbon steel, alloy steel: welding and stainless steel, steel between the welding and stainless-steel low carbon steel, steel -310 316 stainless steel, alloy steel and 347 nickel, different levels of nickel, titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminum, niobium, gold, silver of metal or alloy the same metal for the welding. Copper and nickel, titanium, copper and nickel, titanium, titanium, molybdenum, brass, copper and low carbon steel, copper, metal for the welding.


    Application case: laser welding machine is widely used in the cell phone battery metal shells, welding, glass frame welding, the keyboard welding, silicon steel welding and stainless steel at welding, furniture and vacuum ,cup, bowl, the door - handle and the spark plugs, filter, grease, a heating tube, etc.

    Performance parameter

    Model ST-TW300 /ST-TW400 /ST-TW500 /ST-TW600 (optional)
    Wavelength 1064nm
    Pump sources Dual Xe-lamp
    Max.power 300W (400w 500w 600w optional)
    Max. single pulse energy 60J
    Pulse width 0.1~20.0ms
    Sequency frequency 0~200Hz
    Welding spot size 0.2~1.5mm
    Welding depth 0.1~3.0mm
    Sequence welding 15mm/s
    Observe system CCD monitor
    Positioning Red light indication
    Cooling system Water cooling
    Cooling power 3P
    Figuration size 1800mm*1000mm*2000mm
    Electricity requirement 15kW,three phase
    Power supply requirement 380V±10%,50Hz,40A


    Working environment requirement:

    1) Used in the Room temperature

    2) Power supply electricity requirement:Three phase 380V;50Hz.

    3) Power supply network : ± 5%, the fluctuation in line with international network. a 5% more amplitude, and with an automatic, steady flow.

    4) Near the installation should be no strong electromagnetic interference. the installation by avoid a radio station or launch relay stations.

    5) Its foundations less than the vibration amplitude : 50um, less than 0. 05g is less than 3. to avoid stamp out such a large number of machine tools equipments near.

    6) Equipment space requirements to ensure that there is no smoke dust, avoid and abrasive dust metal for serious work environment.

    7) Some of the environment should be to prevent static the floor, and the strengthening of the shield, etc.

    8) Work of water to cool the water quality demands, to use the distill water, or may not use tap water and mineral water for a higher metal ion or other mineral water.

    This machine laser welding samples for reference:

    Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine 0


    Fast Speed Stainless Steel YAG Laser Welding Machine 1

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